We service all makes and models of cameras, lenses and flashes.

This includes both digital and film gear.

A Guide for Turn Around Times

Service that does not require parts, in most cases, turn around within a 5 - 20 working days. If parts are required those timelines do extend based on parts supply.  Sensor cleaning turn around is 24 to 48 hours.

Sensor Cleaning

We provide in house sensor cleaning services for all makes and models of cameras.  Please have the battery fully charged upon drop off.

Sensor clean $100.00 plus taxes

*Point & Shoot Camera Sensors $120.00 - $140.00 plus taxes

*Point & Shoot cameras do require disassembly to access the sensor, hence the increase in service fee.

Focus Testing

We provide focus testing of lenses and require your camera body to perform this test.  Please have the battery fully charged upon drop off.

New Manufacturer Parts 

When parts are required, we purchase new parts directly from the manufacturer. In so doing, we can offer our full 6-month warranty for the service we provide in house.

Out Of Shop Service

If the service you require is not one we're not able to provide in-house, we will package, ship to and receive back from the service provider, on your behalf.

When service is provided out of shop, the service providers warranty supercedes our warranty terms and conditions. General turn around times for service provided out of shop ranges between 3-6 weeks in most cases. There are times, due to seasonal flow and parts availability, that turn around times can extend.