We Service All Makes & Models / Bodies, Lenses, Flashes

We service all makes and models of photographic equipment / both digital and film. This includes bodies, lenses and flashes.

We do not move forward with any service until you’ve been contacted with your estimated costs for service. Once you have approved the work order, we then proceed.


Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Microscopes, Slide Projectors

We also service binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes and slide-projectors.


Sensor Cleaning

We provide in house sensor cleaning services for all makes and models.  Please have the battery fully charged upon drop off.

Sensor clean $100.00 plus taxes

*Point & Shoot Camera Sensors $120-140.00 plus taxes   (No Same Day Service Available for Point and Shoot cameras)

*Point and shoot cameras do require disassembly to access the sensor, hence the increase in service fee.


Focus Testing

We provide focus testing of lenses and require your camera body to perform this test. Please have the battery fully charged upon drop off.


Image Recovery

If you have an SD Card or CV Card and are no longer able to retrieve images, we can try to recover images for you. The success rate is in the 80% range. There are times when images cannot be recovered. We will provide an estimate for this service at the counter for you.


*Diagnostic Disassembly

Equipment with impact, power and/or liquid damage, still partially functioning, may need disassembly to fully diagnose the issue. We cannot guarantee the camera will be reassembled to its partially functioning condition once reassembled. Often, impacted and liquid damaged equipment has damaged circuitry that maintains its connection while the housings are intact. Once the housing are removed, this connection is severed and often cannot reconnect without full replacement of the damaged parts involved. If parts are not replaced, the camera is physically not able to go back to its partially functioning state.

*When disassembled equipment is deemed to be beyond repair, it may not be reassembled.


In House Service

Most services are provided “in-house”.


Out of Shop Service

If there is a service we are not able to provide “in house”, we will ship to the manufacturers service provider on your behalf. Prior to shipping any equipment out of shop, we’ll discuss the full estimated cost with you. The cost will include labour, parts, shipping and applicable taxes.


Abandoned Equipment

When equipment has been left at the shop for 180 days and there has been no contact from messages we have left, the equipment is considered abandoned. The work order is closed and the equipment is recycled.