Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am to 4pm For Pickup and Drop off.

Dropping off or delivering during Business Hours

You can drop off or deliver equipment anytime during business hours without an appointment. When your equipment arrives in the shop it’s placed into queue to receive both a diagnostic report and estimate of costs to service.

Diagnostic/Estimate Queue

The queue takes 1-4 business days to establish what service you require. Once your diagnostic / estimate is ready, you’ll receive a phone call or email with your updated information. We don’t proceed with any service until we have your approval to proceed.

Diagnostic/Estimate Fee

When equipment is first dropped off or delivered to the shop, there is a diagnostic/estimate fee charged. This fee is credited toward your service, should you choose to have it done and is a non-refundable fee if the estimate is declined or if the equipment is not serviceable for any reason

 Diagnostic/Estimate Fee Structure

              Most services are charged a $40 estimate fee plus taxes

              If there are power issues, liquid damage or impact damage, the estimate fee is $65 plus taxes

Diagnostic Disassembly

Equipment with impact, power and/or liquid damage, still partially functioning, may need disassembly to fully diagnose the issue.   We cannot guarantee the camera will be reassembled to its partially functioning condition once reassembled. Often, impacted and  liquid damaged equipment has damaged circuitry that maintains its connection while the housings are intact. Once the housing  are                 removed, this connection is severed and often cannot reconnect without full replacement of the damaged parts involved. If parts are               not replaced, the camera is physically not able to go back to its partially functioning state.

             *When disassembled equipment is deemed to be beyond repair, it may not be reassembled.

              We do not diagnose or estimate on line or over the phone


Our "in house" warranty coverage is 6-months from the date of completion for the same issue.Out of shop warranties are subject to the service providers individual coverage terms and conditions.