Frequently Asked Questions

>      How long do repairs take?

There is a full range of service times. The time to complete a repair is based on a few logistics.

Are there parts required? If yes and the part needs to be ordered, service completion can range from 2-6 weeks in most cases. There will be times when a part is on back order that the timeline will extend.
If the camera is an older model that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. We do have several sources for finding used/reconditioned parts. Tracking down parts needed in this realm, can take 6-8 weeks or longer sometimes.
Is the equipment going out of shop? If yes, the service time will be based on the service providers seasonal flow (how many pieces are ahead of yours), parts availability and delivery times. Most service completes in the 2-4-6 week range but there are times these time-frames extend beyond our control, due to the issues listed above.

>     How long does it take to receive my Diagnostic / Estimate?

When equipment arrives in the shop it is put in queue based on date/time stamp of its arrival. Most diagnostic/estimates can be provided within   1 to 4 days. There are times when equipment can take longer for diagnostic/estimates if we’re waiting on manufacturer information regarding parts availability / pricing etc.


>     Do you offer Warranty on your repair service?

Yes, any repair service provided “in house” has a 6-month warranty for the same issue. Cleaning services DO NOT have any warranty.


   Is there warranty offered for “Out of Shop” services?

Yes, each service provider offers their own warranty time frame. In most cases, it’s a 3-month warranty, from date of completion (not date of pick up) for the same issue.


    Do you provide Extended Warranty service?

Yes, we offer extended warranty service and paper work required when claiming through MasterCard, Visa and MACK warranty.


>      Do you provide Paper Work for Home Insurance claims?

Yes, we provide service and paper work required for home insurance claims.


>      Where do you purchase your parts?

We purchase our parts from the manufacturer of the camera being serviced.


>      Can I purchase a part online and bring it to you to install?

The quick answer is yes but now we have to discuss the “buyer beware” factor. Often parts on online that “say” they are produced by the manufacturer may actually be a part arriving from another country of origin and not truly a manufacturer-produced part. There have been a few occasions where a client has purchased a part, brought it to us and it’s been faulty right out of the package. Other times the part is incorrect and won’t fit the equipment it’s purchased for.


>     Can I sign out my equipment while I’m waiting for parts to arrive?

Yes, once your work order is diagnosed, estimated and activated for service with parts on order, you can sign out equipment if your parts are prepaid. We will phone you once your part(s) arrives to drop off and have your service completed.


    Do you offer RUSH in house service?

There are some repairs where rush service can be provided.

Repairs requiring parts to be ordered cannot have RUSH service applied.

Out of shop services cannot be guaranteed for Rush Service.


  How much does sensor cleaning cost

Sensor cleaning costs $100.00 plus taxes.

Point and shoot cameras, due to the fact they have to be disassembled to get to the sensor, cost in range of $120-$140.

We do require a fully charged battery in your camera upon drop off. 


   Is warranty provided for sensor cleaning?

Due to the nature of digital photography, we cannot offer warranty on sensor cleaning.


>    How long does your DSLR Sensor Cleaning service take?

In most cases, we can complete a sensor cleaning service in 24-48 hours.

*Please be sure to have a fully charged battery when dropping off for sensor cleaning.


>      Can I get my sensor cleaned the same day?

The camera would have to be in shop prior to 10:00am to obtain rush service, this service is subject to availability.

Same day sensor cleaning services would have to be discussed at the time of drop off to see if we’re able to meet the request. That will be based on the queue in front of you and the number of “priority” jobs already in shop.


>      Can you remove an impacted or cross-threaded filter?

Yes, filter removal is a service we provide.


>     What makes and models do you service?

We service all makes and models of digital and film camera/lenses and flashes.


    Do you service Binoculars and Spotting scopes?

Yes, we service binoculars and spotting scopes, providing both realignments and cleaning services.


    Do you service Microscopes?

We do provide cleaning services for microscopes and microscope optics.


>    Do you service Slide Projectors?

Yes, we repair, service and clean slide projectors.


    Can I deliver my equipment to you?

Yes, we receive equipment via all the major courier/delivery service providers. When sending equipment to us please include all your contact information in the package. You will be phoned or emailed upon arrival of your gear and your customer number will be provided to you. Once your estimate is ready you’ll be contacted again.


  Can a 3rd party drop off/pick up on my behalf?

If you are coordinating a 3rd party drop off/pick up, please give us the full contact name who will drop off/pick up on your behalf. We’ll add a note to your work order and receive from and release to them.


>    How do I safely package my gear when delivering to you?

A combination of bubble wrap and crushed paper should be used. Put your equipment in the center of the box away from bottom top and sides. Place bubble-wrap on base top and sides and crushed paper all around the gear. This will withstand most delivery jostling.


>      Will I be contacted prior to any work being done?

Yes, we never proceed with any service without the service details and cost being approved by you prior to work getting activated into the active work flow.


>      Do you provide any retail sales?

No, we are a service provider only. There are times we may have a used filter, lens cap or battery, but no new retail sales are provided. We highly recommend Kerrisdale Camera or London Drugs as excellent retail sales providers in Victoria.


>   Do you provide Image Recovery?

We do offer image recovery service. In most cases images can be recovered,

(There is an estimated 80% success rate). There are times when images cannot be recovered. There is a minimum non-refundable fee to attempt image recovery. This fee will be discussed at the counter upon drop off.


    What is your warranty policy?

When services are done out of shop the manufacturers warranty conditions apply. In most cases the warranty period will be 3-months from the date of completion, not the date of pick up.

Victoria Camera Service Ltd. in-house warranty period is 6-months from the date of repair completion, not the date of pick up. We do not cover damage caused by misuse or mishandling or outside influences such as impact, sand, liquid, or other foreign objects. We warranty our workmanship in relation the same issue, not new issues not previously addressed.

Services provided by out of shop service providers are limited to the service providers warranty conditions, not Victoria Camera Service Ltd warranty conditions.

In the event of equipment failure, Victoria Camera Service Ltd reserves the choice to:


Replace the equipment with equipment of “like” quality and price

Refund the repair cost to the customer

It is the customer’s responsibility to pick up the equipment as close to the completion date as possible and test the equipment fully within the warranty period to determine if the equipment is good working order. If the same issue is found, the equipment must be returned to Victoria Camera Service Ltd. within the warranty period.